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Interview with Andy Crestodina and His Advice to Digital Marketers

  • Under the current conditions in the context of the quarantine, when virtual events prevail over live ones, you should still find ways to give networking benefits to your listeners.
  • Put even greater efforts into virtual events organization. Be an active “fisher” in marketing by actively inviting prospective clients to join. In this regard, SEO is a net that helps catch whatever can be caught. Account-based marketing is a spear that helps catch the most specific fish, meaning the most valuable target.
  • Fill in web design and content with empathy. Don’t be psychopathic, meaning do not be careless about visitors’ needs and do not offer them pure marketing saying simply “we are the best”. Be emphatic instead, meaning add answers to the questions your visitors may be interested in, illustrate your success by numbers, analytics, and support them with winning cases or positive feedback.
  • Try to understand the psychology of your clients. Make them see that you offer the best solution to them, even better than their own, and convince them to make the right decision by demonstrating numbers and using psychological tricks.
  • Keep in mind that every action you take in marketing should have a measurable result. Be a professional, watch analytics.
  • Mind the difference and don’t take negative feedback as criticism of your personality. This is only a reaction of a certain audience to your specific action, not to you as a personality. Life is going on. Keep on improving and show greater results!
  • Be the author of your life. Find time to do something big and worthy. The key to doing it is breaking it down into several small steps.
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