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SEO outsourcing company

Search engine optimization has already become crucial for large enterprises with substantial budgets and startups, local, regional, and international companies. Some time ago, all products and services took their separate niches while now the market is overcrowded and the number of offers exceeds demand. Every time a new idea appears, hundreds of companies rush trying to make a profit on it. Outsourcing SEO Agency «Lemarbet» from Ukraine brings order out of this chaos. SEO makes companies different and helps them get income, even competing with numerous businesses that sell the same products or services. The top of search results is a great way to reach your customers, and you need search engine optimization.
Frequently asked questions from business owners:

  • What have you learned about outsourcing SEO?
  • How does SEO outsourcing works?
  • Why outsourcing your SEO services makes so much sense?
  • What result can you get after ordering SEO services from an outsourced company?
  • Why is it better to outsource SEO tasks?
  • How to measure the efficiency of an outsourcing company?

Below, you can find answers to these and other questions. If you have other questions, let us know.

1 Outsourcing of SEO Services

Lemarbet agency offers SEO services outsourcing for regional and local companies, large enterprises, and startups from Ukraine and other countries. SEO outsourcing comprises search optimization-related services, including on-page and off-page optimization for a third-party company, agency or customer. Website optimization is the best business development strategy, and Lemarbet has proven to produce great results. In addition, outsourcing SEO services for business is a great chance to return investment: the money you invest online will bring you higher sales, more orders, and customer requests.
Ukranian outsourcing SEO agency «Lemarbet» offers complete promotion and technical support of websites. It takes a significant place among the market leaders and has impressive SEO case studies.

2 What is the task of SEO Outsourcing Company?

An SEO outsourcing company has good knowledge of online research methods that may be beneficial to customers. Working on a project, the SEO specialist relies on the latest online marketing tendencies, methods, and tools to bring more visitors to a website. SEO is a continuous work, the success of which requires centralized efforts and resources.
Search engine optimization comprises three levels: technical level, when experts analyze the website structure and then define whether search systems may face some difficulties processing the content of your page. On-page optimization when, for example, the frequency of keywords and HTML tags usage is checked. Off-page optimization during which specialists, among other things, set backlinks.
Therefore, if you lack time and experience to optimize the website, it would be more reasonable to hire an SEO company with optimization and promotion case studies.

3 Creation of an SEO&PPC Strategy

Which goals are real? What should be achieved during search optimization? The main goals may involve growth of traffic, potential customers, and conversion while the partial goals include better ranking and high visibility.

4 The SEO Audit and Technical Check of a Website

An SEO audit is a complex process aimed to define how well the website is optimized for search. SEO specialists check the technical structure of the website, various on- and off-page factors, productivity in social networks, and competitors’ positions. The SEO audit is supposed to optimize website visibility. It can be described as the measures taken to control a site’s quality. In other words, the website’s current state is assessed and compared with the standards of search engines. The process of the SEO audit depends on the website (its size and purpose) and different search engines requirements.
The stage of analysis can reveal technical and structural problems of the website. We are talking about factors that can adversely affect website visibility. First of all, it is necessary to optimize meta tags. The next step, the change of navigation, is more complex. SEO specialists check the website using search engine tools for web admins (for example, Google Search Console) to find out how the technical structure works. This way, they can see if there are any error notifications about certain URLs.

5 Keywords Research

Everything starts from clarifying the customer’s demands, brainstorming, and detailed competitor analysis and keyword research using Google Keywords Tools and other services afterward. An SEO specialist analyses the search volume (how frequently users search the terms in certain regions) and the complexity of ranking. For this purpose, the expert studies the competition and analyses the competitors’ content. Relevance is of the utmost importance. The search engine optimization specialist relies on the keywords that show the customers’ interest in your product or service and intention to take action.
The one develops a keywords strategy and defines which keywords are relevant to which pages of your website. After that, the keywords are sorted, clustered and the unnecessary words are excluded. This strategy serves as a basis for all future steps.

6 Off-Page Website Optimization and Backlinks

Our Internet-marketing agency also deals with off-page optimization that includes work with keywords, metadata, blogs, social media, and link building.
Off-page optimization comprises all measures and factors that influence website ranking in external search. This type of optimization is usually done after the website pages are optimized.
Our consultant uses SEO analysis to learn about the number of website backlinks, their origin, and target. This information is compared with competitors’ data to see whether it is necessary to develop a strategy to build new links and possibly remove the old ones.
The main emphasis here is put on so-called backlinks. Backlinks are the links to other websites which forward users to your web resource. The general rule is that the more backlinks to your website are built, the better it’s rating. Yet details matter a lot. Not only does the number of backlinks make a difference, but also their quality.

  • Which pages are the backlinks added to (website type, Ahrefs or MozRank indicators, thematic closeness to the linked page, internal links number ratio)?
  • Are these links DoFollow or NoFollow (search systems do not use NoFollow links to calculate website popularity; hence, they are less important)
  • How does the anchor text of the backlinks look like? (Links can include the text that informs users and search engines about the target website).

Link building should always be perceived as a process rather than a one-time action. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that optimization will be slow.
All Lemarbet online marketing services are focused on bringing potential customers and developing your business. SEO case studies prove the effectiveness of our work.

7 Why is Local SEO Becoming More Up-To-Date?

Buyers tend to use PC to browse online more rarely as the majority of them have smartphones and tablets. Hence, users search for products and services on their mobile devices.
According to Google research, 88% of smartphone owners look for local information, and 78% of them are active, meaning they will directly contact the company or buy on the website. This way, the online search merges with the purchase in a local store. This process is called RoPo Effect (Research Online, Purchase Online). Yet, companies should maintain the online presence to use such an effect.
Local SEO is a simple and effective way to attract new customers and keep the old ones, especially regarding the constantly changing behavior of search that is increasingly localized.
Lemarbet offers effective SEO solutions for businesses in the USA: New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Diego. Ukrainian outsourcing SEO company is the best option to create and promote your website. If you and your colleagues have no or insufficient knowledge of online marketing and its latest innovations, you’d better hurry to hire the SEO agency that works in this field and can show you impressive SEO case studies.

8 Why are SEO Services Important in Ecommerce?

SEO for eCommerce will help to improve website visibility in search, promote a brand, grow sales, and, hence, minimize marketing expenses. The real successful SEO&PPC case studies by Lemarbet, which show how to create and promote eCommerce websites, indisputably prove the professionalism of our team. Check them at Lemarbet and assure yourself that cooperation with our agency is a comfortable and exciting journey.


“ Lemarbet’s personalized approach, along with a high level of the professionality in their field helped our company to avoid SEO issues with our sites. I would recommend Lemarbet for cooperation to anyone who is facing the issues in SEO, PPC or UX/UI fields. ”

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