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How to Add Content in WordPress

WordPress is among the most popular CMSs in the world. Having been launched in 2003, it is still constantly supported and developed. And despite the fact that the product was initially designed to create and manage personal blogs, now thanks to Woocommerce plugin it is widely used to create online stores.

In this manual, you will learn about a quick and easy way of adding content in WordPress. The article will teach you how to create and edit categories or add and change products in an online store. So let’s finish the introduction and get down to business.


Creating a category in WordPress

  1. Sign in to the admin panel
  2. WordPress Dashboard
  3. Creating a new category in WordPress
  4. Name and URL
  5. Description and parenting
  6. Image selection and final steps

Creating a product in WordPress

  1. Sign in to the admin panel
  2. Creating a new product in WordPress
  3. Name and description
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Product data
  6. Product short description
  7. Linking to a category and product tags in WordPress
  8. Product image and gallery
  9. Saving a product

Editing a category

  1. First steps
  2. Start of editing
  3. Editing the main fields
  4. Changing meta tags
  5. End of editing

Editing a product

  1. Start of product editing
  2. Selecting a product for editing
  3. Editing and attributes
  4. Product editing page
  5. Updating a product


Creating a Category in WordPress

1. Sign in to the Admin Panel

To go to the admin page, first, add /admin to the URL of your online store, as shown in the example http://example.com/admin. After that, enter your login and password. In case you have forgotten your password, click the corresponding link under the form. Sign in to the Admin Panel

2. WordPress Dashboard

After you successfully sign in to the system, you will see the home page of WordPress admin panel, which is called the dashboard. You can use it to view the main information about your site and navigate to the necessary sections of the panel.WordPress Dashboard

3. Creating a New Category in WordPress

Now go to the side menu and select Products – > Categories. You will be taken to the page with categories which displays the information about the existing categories and allows creating a new one.Creating a New Category in WordPress

4. Name and URL

First, fill out the name of the category. After that, you can manually indicate the slug (URL) of the future page, but it’s optional. To do this, enter the URL in the Slug field using the format indicated in the tip under this field. Otherwise, the transliterated name of the category will be used as the URL. Name and URL

5. Description and Parenting

Now, if needed, choose a parent category. If not, leave the field empty. After that enter the text into the Description field, which can be edited later in case you need to change something.Description and Parenting

6. Image Selection and Final steps

The last step in creating a new category in WordPress is the selection of a display type. If you don’t set it, the category will be displayed by default, namely based on template settings. After that, you can set the image of the category. To do this, click the Upload/Add Image button and choose an image that already exists on the server or add a new one. Finally, click the Add New Category button. Congratulations, you have just successfully created the category in a WordPress-based online store. Image Selection and Final steps

Image Selection and Final steps - 1


Creating a Product in WordPress

1. Sign in to the Admin Panel

To sign in to the admin panel, which in WordPress is called the dashboard, add /admin right after the URL of your site. For instance, http://example.com/admin. After you enter the correct password and login combination and click Log in, you will be able to proceed to other steps.
Sign in to the Admin Panel

2. Creating a New Product in WordPress

To create a new product go to Menu -> Products -> Add New. You then see the product creation page. There is also an alternative way. Instead of the Add New option of the menu select All Products. Once the page with all products loads, you will see the Add New button in the top left corner. There is also the Import button near it, which you can use to add a large number of products from .CSV files at once.Creating a New Product in WordPress

Creating a New Product in WordPress - 1

3. Name and Description

Creating a new product, first choose a language version. After that, enter the name of your product and proceed to editing its description. In the product description field, you can use all standard features of a text editor. Also, besides formatting, here you can add different media files.Name and Description

4. Yoast SEO

With the help of Yoast SEO plugin, you can indicate meta and title tags. To do this, click the Edit Snippet button and fill out the Title, Meta Description, and Focus keyword fields. Additionally, you can use the Slug field to manually enter the future URL of the product.
Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - 1

5. Product Data

During the next step, you will edit the product data. In this WordPress section, one can set such important attributes as price, size, and availability as well as the possibility of discounts and promotions.Product Data

6. Product Short Description

In this field, you enter the short description of the product. The text added here will be displayed right under the price of the product near its image.Product Short Description

7. Linking to a Category and Product Tags in WordPress

After the previous steps are completed, it’s time to link our product to a certain category. In the right side menu, there is the Product categories option, which is used to set the category where the product will be displayed. Under this option, you can find the Tags menu. These tags are necessary to ensure a convenient search of similar products. After you enter a word that, in your opinion, properly characterizes the product, click the Add button.Linking to a Category and Product Tags in WordPress

8. Product Image and Gallery

In one of the last steps, you will set the image of the product and create a gallery of images. To set the featured image of the product click the corresponding link. In the menu opened, you can either select an existing image or upload a new one (see step 6 in the Creating a category section). As for the product gallery, follow the Add product gallery images link to open a similar menu where you can set images for the gallery. These images will be additionally displayed in the product card.Product Image and Gallery

9. Saving a product

After you finish all these steps, repeat the same actions for another language version (if available). To select another language click a flag above the corresponding field. When you are done, click Publish. Congratulations, you have just created the product card in WordPress.Saving a product


Editing a Category

1. First Steps

To get started, you must sign in to the admin panel and go to Products -> Categories in the side menu. For reference, see steps 1-3 n the Creating a Category section.

2. Start of Editing

After you open the category page, you will see the list of all existing categories. With the help of the corresponding buttons, you can do the next actions with each category: Edit – click to change the category, Delete – click to permanently delete the category, View – click to visit the page of the category in your online store. Since now you need editing, click the category name or Edit..Start of Editing

3. Editing the Main Fields

In this step, you can easily edit the data you have entered during steps 3-6 of the Creating a new category section. Change the necessary information in the corresponding fieldsEditing the Main Fields

Editing the Main Fields - 1

4. Changing meta tags

Also, while editing the category you can change title and meta tags with the help of Yoast SEO plugin. To do this, just fill out the appropriate fields and click the Close Snippet Editor button.Changing meta tags

Changing meta tags - 2

5. End of editing

Once you complete the editing of the category, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Update button.End of editing


Editing a Product

1. Start of Product Editing

To start editing the product that was already created, you need to repeat step 1 rom Creating a Product in WordPress. After that, go to the Menu -> Products -> All Products.

2. Selecting a Product for Editing

On this page, you can see a list of all available products, sort them and remove, edit or duplicate a product. There are two ways to edit the product. You can go to editing all information about the product or change some of its attributes without leaving this page. In the first case, click the product name or the Edit link and go to the editing page. In the second, click the Attributes link.Selecting a Product for Editing

3. Editing and Attributes

WordPress offers a great opportunity of editing without going to another page. To do this, on the All Products page, hover over the name of the necessary product and choose Attributes in the menu that appears. You will see another menu where you can change the name, links, labels, category, and attributes of the product. After you finish all changes, click the Update button.

4. Product Editing Page

On this page, you can perform the same actions as described in the Creating a product section. Basically, you can change the name, description, image, attributes, meta tags, and category of the product. For more detailed information check steps 3-8.

5. Updating a Product

After you complete all the necessary steps of the product editing, just click the Update button. That’s all. Your product is edited.Updating a Product



So here is the end of our manual on adding content to WordPress-based websites. With these simple steps, you will be able to easily and promptly create a product or a category and edit them. Keeping this article handy you can always go to the necessary step with the help of navigation.

In case you don’t have time to read the article, watch a video tutorial. It clearly shows the main points you need to know. We hope this information will be useful to you. Sign up for our email newsletter, as there is a lot of interesting things ahead!

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