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Ground coffee – the secrets of making the correct choice

Good ground coffee aroma exudes something for which we should not skimp on adjectives… delightful, charming, fascinating, incredible, magical, fantastic… Even people who don’t drink coffee are often partial to the flavor. And for those who know how to choose and how to brew ground coffee, a cup is not just a good start of the day, but an integral part of their character and lifestyle.

To enjoy a truly delicious cup of coffee, it is essential to know what kind of ground coffee to choose from the vast range offered to the modern market. If you know how to brew ground coffee to get all the mysterious power of the grain grown in the remote mountainous plantations of Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala, revealing an impressive palette of flavor, you can only make a successful purchase. Lemarbet is happy to take on the task of familiarizing you with the types of natural ground coffee from the most reputable manufacturers and their less famous colleagues, and offering you only original and high-quality branded products at competitive conditions and reasonable prices.

Freedom and its influence on the process of preparing coffee

Buying ground coffee is the simplest and easiest way for you to prepare all kinds of coffee drinks. The result will be significantly affected by the degree of grinding. One can not answer the question, “What is the best ground coffee?” because the size of the coffee particles will depend on the method of preparation and its duration. It is believed that the small grind makes the taste of the finished beverage more subtle and refined, but many gourmets prefer the rough, expressed taste of coffee that is provided only by the coarse grind. Therefore, in order to choose the perfect option according to your preference, you need to know the nuances and peculiarities of each of the four major types of grinding.

  1. Coarse grinding. Natural ground coffee will contain coarsely ground larger particles, but their size will not exceed 0.8 mm. The coffee takes about eight minutes to brew. Such a variety is intended for brewing in a coffee pot for or a piston coffee maker.
  2. Average grinding. This is used for drip-infusion coffee machines. The infusion time ranges from five to six minutes.
  3. Fine grinding. This is for making filter coffee. Finely ground espresso is often separated as a separate grinding, as the particles have exactly the size that is needed for individual espresso coffee machines. The brewing time will not exceed four minutes.
  4. Superfine grinding. This ground coffee is worth buying if you prefer to enjoy the taste of Turkish coffee. Superfinely ground particles have a size of 0.1 mm, which explains the second name for this type of grinding – powder. Brewing takes just one minute.

Why it makes sense to buy a ready-ground coffee for the coffee maker

When coffee beans are ground industrially, they are sieved using sieves of different thicknesses. Thus, the grounds are homogeneous – all the grains are indistinguishable from each other in size. This significantly affects the flavor of the finished coffee (we mentioned that particles of different sizes require different times to brew properly). Consider the fact that in modern plants known companies use the unique technology for preparing coffee and employ the best experienced and highly qualified professionals so that the finished product will meet all international quality standards.

How to buy really good coffee grounds

Note that no self-respecting coffee connoisseur ever buys coffee in bulk, as it is stored on shelves in retail stores, for weeks or even months, and its unique flavor is lost forever. An exception can be made for coffee that is ground in your presence. But you will not go wrong if you give preference to products in vacuum packs, which are responsible for the quality of preservation of the fullest flavor and taste of coffee beans. It is even more desirable if the sealed package has a triple-layer of foil, which prevents the penetration of oxygen inside, but allows the evaporation of surplus carbon dioxide.

How to identify counterfeit coffee or coffee without a manufacturer’s label

If you have any doubts about the quality of the purchased ground coffee or you made the purchase from a non-trusted store, you can identify some of the impurities in the coffee at home.

  • Pour a bit of the ground coffee on the paper, spread a thin layer and check if there are any foreign particles in it, with distinct differences in size and color. Thus, it is easy to detect impurities such as chicory, barley and other additives, with which coffee can be spoofed.
  • Throw a pinch of the ground coffee into a glass with pure cold water. If the water changes color and turns brownish, the product has little to do with natural coffee.

Another way to determine a fake is its packaging – plastic instead of glass jars or tins, the lack of a barcode, expiration date or date of grinding, data on the composition or the country of origin. Minor changes in the packaging design of your favorite brand (especially the lack of one or more letters in the title) should also set alarm bells ringing.

You can buy natural ground coffee from global brands without any risk on our website. The catalog Lemarbet offers is quite extensive, so that everyone can find in it the best ground coffee precisely of the sort that they prefer. Here you will find all kinds of coffee, from the most famous Italian brand “Lavazza” to many other exciting offers. In most regions today, without any problems, you can buy ground coffee from Italy, Germany or France, in different varieties and different degrees of roasting, with or without caffeine, pure or flavored, but the main thing is – they are always fresh and of high quality!

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