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Promotion of an Online Store of Spare Parts for Electric Tools and Home Appliances

Promotion of an Online Store of Spare Parts for Electric Tools and Home Appliances ROI – 202,29%

Spare parts for electric tools are quite a popular topic with a high frequency of search requests and tough competition between websites. This case will show how to obtain a leading position in this sphere in 1 year and reach 202% ROI on shopping cart. Even taking into account that the turnover of such online store is mainly ensured with the direct calls whereas shopping cart makes only ¼ of the total turnover.

Project Overview



Spare parts for electric tools and home appliances




Main goal:


Develop the online store using SEO optimization

Additional information:


The main goal of the project was to make our client a significant player on the market of spare parts for electric tools




Overall budget:


48,300 UAH

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

Following the set objectives, we started the project with an SEO-audit. Not only did we complete a technical check but we also conducted a full SEO-audit, which included all external and internal factors that could impact promotion and development of the project. We analyzed main competitors and defined how they work with links and content optimization.

Based on all the preparatory work and the analysis we formed a working strategy for the next 6 months.

Six months later we conducted a full analysis of the received results and corrected the strategy for the upcoming period.

It is important to understand that there’s no use in studying the results of work during the first months because you just do not have enough data.

The minimum period to analyze the effectiveness of work is 6 months from the beginning of the project.


The main task of the project was to win a significant part of the spare parts market. To achieve the set goals we needed to:

  • do a full SEO-audit of the site;
  • correct errors based on the audit results;
  • analyze competitors;
  • form a promotion strategy;
  • do keywords research;
  • optimize categories and subcategories;
  • publish articles on third-party resources;
  • increase external link mass;
  • improve website credibility.

Also, we completed monthly monitoring and control tasks:

  • analysis of Google Analytics data;
  • analysis of Yandeх and Google (Search Console) webmasters data;
  • estimation of the indexing status of pages;
  • control over duplicate and non-indexed elements;
  • analysis of search bots scanning dynamics;
  • analysis and correction of errors made by bots during website scanning;
  • security settings monitoring.

3.What we did

As it was already mentioned, we started the project with full SEO-audit and the check of all possible factors that influence site ranking or indexing. Our developers eliminated all found shortcomings and worked on the technical side of the website so it met all the necessary requirements of search engines. Yet still, there were external factors that also could create obstacles and slow down the promotion.

We also analyzed our competitors’ working strategies to maximally increase the effectiveness of our own strategy based on these results. It’s important to know what methods are used by the competitors and what pace you should choose. If you will not do that, you may be forever left behind the other companies while we aimed to become a leader in the field of spare parts for electric tools.

After the aforementioned works were completed we already had the 6-month strategy and the website ready for promotion. The point is that we opened the website for indexing on the second month of the project having previously integrated all the services necessary to collect data and monitor store development. After that, we started to form semantic kernels, optimize website categories and placed the first links to the resource.

An effective way to launch a new online store is to place informative articles on the most visited sites, and we used it. As the result, the customer’s resource got a positive reputation and first potential buyers who followed the links in the articles. For sure, this was not enough to keep the online store fully operational. We continued to gradually increase the number of backlinks to the website, which gave promising search engines results. Low and a few medium frequency queries got top ranking, so the number of visitors increased and we got first sales.

After the 6-month work, we got enough data to analyze and correct our strategy. During this half of a year, we managed to reach 500 organic unique visitors per day and positive ROI. However, having analyzed all the data we concluded that online store conversion rate was still quite low. It was decided to allocate a part of the budget to write reviews and product descriptions as this will increase the customers’ trust to the store.

During six months we optimized all priority categories, so for the next 6-month period we developed a strategy intended to increase website visibility. We decided to rely on “category+brand” search requests, which are pretty popular in this category, and use different filters. Therefore, we developed the functionality that allowed to create and optimize a static page based on the filter.

We continued the work for another 6 months, during which we covered a significant part of search requests related to electric tools spare parts and ensured that priority categories got top positions. This way we met our goals and turned the online store into a strong player in this segment of the internet market.


ROI results

ROI on SEO channel:

  • Margin: 50%
  • Gross profit: 292,015.2 UAH * 0.50 = 146,007.6 UAH
  • ROI = (146,007.6 – 48,300.00) / 48,300.00 * 100 = 202.29%.

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