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Promotion of a Fireplace Online Store

Promotion of a Fireplace Online Store — ROI 175%

The dynamics of traffic growth and a step by step description of all stages of fireplace website promotion, which resulted in 175% ROI (a financial ratio that illustrates profitability).

Project Overview


Heating, fireplaces



Main goal:

Gradually increase sales, reach financial sustainability, and bring the online store to profit

Additional information:

We promoted the online store after its development on a new domain was just finished. There was no existing search traffic. We did not use contextual advertising, only search engine optimization



Overall budget:

The total budget for SEO was 25,214 UAH with average 5,043 UAH/month.

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

Analysis and audit

Initially, we conducted an audit of the existing website, corrected some shortcomings and optimization errors. The Online Store was registered on maps. We also did a complete setup of analytics, including e-commerce and goals. All categories were analyzed in terms of their competitiveness and we selected only those that were more sure to give fast positive results. A 6-month content plan was developed.


Monthly work

The set of promotion tasks performed every month included:

  • monitoring of critical alerts from Yandex/Google Webmasters;
  • fixing problems and monitoring the content of the online store;
  • estimation of the indexing status of pages;
  • analysis of search bots scanning dynamics;
  • monitoring security settings;
  • sending main Google Analytics reports;
  • selective analysis of text uniqueness;
  • analysis of errors made by bots during scanning;
  • taking steps to improve online store usability and their analysis;
  • buying links from third-party sites;

3.Implemented processes and actions

Content optimization and strategy development

After the priorities for the successful development of the project were identified, we moved to the main work on search engine optimization.

The work on content was divided into several stages:

  • creation of content for categories;
  • creation of text for product cards;
  • creation of help articles to assist customers;
  • writing reviews;
  • work with information and news material;
  • creation and distribution of promotional articles on special trust websites.

Our work with backlinks was limited by the client’s available budget. We aimed to raise low and mid-search volume keywords ranking from 11 to 30 in Google search results. We focused on selling keywords.

Results of the 7-month work

ROI results


  • Margin: 25%
  • Gross profit:: 277,500 UAH * 0.18 = 69,375 UAH
  • Promotion cost: 25,214 UAH for 6 months
  • ROI = (69,375 – 25,214) / 25,214 * 100 = 175%
  • Costs:
  • 25300UAH
  • Profit:
  • 69800UAH

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