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Promotion of an Electronics and Home Appliances Online Store

Promotion of electronics and home appliances online store – ROI 93%

The dynamics of traffic growth and a step-by-step description of all stages of electronics and home appliances website promotion, as a result of which the number of visitors increased from 0 to 56,000 per month.

Project Overview


Electronics and home appliances


Ukrainian-speaking customers in Ukraine (with a center in Lviv)

Main goal:

Get higher traffic than 50,000 visitors/month

Additional goal:

Maximize sales and positive ROI


SEO, Google Adwords (PPC), preparation for the future use of email marketing

Overall budget:

9,551 UAH/month on average

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

Analysis and audit

Seo-audit was done for the website to meet recommendations of search engines. We:

  • corrected all inaccuracies and shortcomings in technical terms;
  • adjusted micro-markup;
  • set the automatic generation of title and basic meta tags;
  • added alt and title attributes for pictures;
  • closed unnecessary pages for indexing;
  • rel=canonical element was added to pages with GET parameters

2.Implemented processes and actions

Content optimization and strategy development

  • To get the highest traffic we decided to create unique content for all existing categories of the Online Store
  • We developed a content plan starting from the categories with the best traffic and gradually going through the categories will less traffic. The plan was based on the potential success of categories and we also took into account our analysis of seasonality
  • To cover requests with names of brands and categories we created and optimized separate pages based on Online Store filters.
  • We developed an individual strategy in order to get more backlinks.

3.Contextual advertising and e-mail marketing

Contextual advertising (PPC)

To make promotion successful we decided to launch two campaigns focusing on two market segments: Western and Eastern with centers in Lviv and Kyiv accordingly.

After some time we decided to refuse from contextual advertising, as search engine optimization gave better results

In general, the campaign targeting the Ukrainian market had some privilege, as the client had offline stores and greater recognition.

E-mail marketing

At the very beginning, marketing emails included groups of products from the “Special offer” category. After some analysis, we decided to focus on goods which offer maximum benefits for customers.The marketing emails included a hit of the week and other products on sale. Eventually, traffic and sales from email marketing significantly increased with the analogical base of the online store. Currently, this channel is still dynamically developing.


ROI results


  • Margin: 15%
  • Gross profit: 1,233,088 UAH * 0.15 = 184,963 UAH
  • Promotion cost: on average 9,551 UAH/month (114,613 UAH per 1 year)
  • ROI = (184,963 — 114,613) / 114,613 * 100 = 61%

Shopping cart ROI:

  • Margin: 15%
  • ROI = (1 544 345 * 15% — 151 413) / 151 413 UAH * 100 = 52%

General ROI:

  • Income in Lviv + 50% of calls:
    584 533 + 50% calls = 876 799 UAH
  • Income in Ukraine without Lviv + 20% of calls:
    900 904 + 20% = 1 081 084 UAH
  • ROI = (1 957 883 * 15% — 151 413) / 151 413 UAH * 100 = 93%

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