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Promotion of an Online Store of Spare Parts for Electric Tools


The use of different platforms, such as Prom.ua, to create an online store is an easy solution. However such systems cover only a small part of the market and therefore limit full functioning and do not ensure good income. In such case, you can return the investment but without 200-300%+ growth to reach which you need a separate online store and SEO channel.

Project Overview



Spare parts for electric tools




Main goal:


Increase an online store revenue with the help of SEO and promotion

Additional information:


The store was created on Prom.ua platform without a separate online store




Overall budget:


20,700 UAH for 6 months


1.First steps

At the start of the project, we immediately insisted on buying a domain name and transferring the store to an external domain. An online store with Prom.ua functionality has enough features to be promoted in search networks with relatively positive results. It was easy to mirror the site to the main website as the system allows to set everything in a fast and easy way.

On the next stage, we had to adjust the online store created on Prom.ua platform to meet the necessary search system standards, connect all important services, and continue optimization of categories.


The main task of the project was to reach the level of sales necessary to return the investment and bring the store to profit. To achieve this goal we needed to:

  • buy and combine domains;
  • perform a special SEO-audit and analysis of platform capabilities;
  • fix errors detected by the audit and set an online store template;
  • do keywords research;
  • optimize pages of categories and subcategories;
  • increase external link mass;
  • increase the credibility of the website.

Also we completed monthly monitoring and control tasks:

  • analysis of Google Analytics data;
  • analysis of Yandeх and Google (Search Console) webmasters data;
  • monitoring security settings;
  • estimation of the indexing status of pages;
  • analysis of search bots scanning dynamics;
  • control over duplicate and non-indexed elements;
  • analysis and correction of errors made by bots during website scanning.

3.What we did

At the beginning of the project, we bought a domain name and moved the website to it from the standard Prom.ua platform. We created a 301 redirect from the previous domain to keep the existing audience as initially the website had 80-90 organic visitors per day.

We checked if the store template corresponds to SEO-requirements and if there were any shortcomings that could be corrected. The analysis showed that the platform functionality is relatively good and allows to organize the website, yet not fully as this is a SaaS technology with no possibility to change the code of the system. Nevertheless, it was possible to do all the necessary settings.

The CMS also has convenient features to connect analytics and webmasters services, and for sure we used them. We were pleased to see full integration with E-commerce Google Analytics: everything was correctly set and all required data was sent to analytics.

The functionality that allowed to set up handmade templates for meta tags significantly speeded up the work. We customized templates for categories, subcategories, and goods. in addition, we corrected the names of some categories. After that, the store was ready for active promotion.

While defining a semantic kernel and writing SEO-texts we also actively worked on the external link mass building. We also placed articles on external resources which both had a positive impact on website name promotion and increased the number of backlinks as every article directed users to the main page of the website.

We actively worked on this project during 6 months. At least 8 categories were optimized every month and the effect was strengthened with the help of links. Thanks to this strategy the number of organic search visitors increased 5 times in 6 months: from 90 to 460 visitors/day.

Results of the 6-month work

ROI results

ROI on SEO channel:

  • Margin: 50%
  • Gross profit: 104,521.02 UAH * 0.50 = 52,260.51 UAH
  • ROI = (28,512 – 20,700) / 20,700 * 100 = 152.47%

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