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Promotion of a Heating Appliances Online Store

Promotion of a Heating Appliances Online Store – ROI 244%

The dynamics of traffic growth and a step-by-step description of all stages of heating appliances website promotion, which resulted in 244% ROI (a financial ratio that illustrates profitability).

Project Overview


Boilers, pumps, water heaters, other equipment and installation materials



Main goal:

Increase traffic from 200 visitors/month to 6,000 visitors/month during 6 months

Additional goal:

Gradually increase sales, reach financial sustainability, and bring the online store to profit



Overall budget:

5,650 UAH/month

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

Analysis and audit

We defined search keys for all website categories and estimated their amount. Also, we analyzed competitors who work with similar products. The received data helped us to calculate the predicted traffic to the website after six months of promotion.

As part of the services provided, we did a one-time setup of the website: the store was connected to Google Business. This was done to allow users share interesting information in social networks.

2.Implemented processes and actions

Content optimization and strategy development

After the preparatory steps, we moved to the main work on search engine optimization.

The work on content was divided into several stages:

  • creation of content for categories
  • work with information and news material
  • creation of help articles to assist customers
  • writing reviews
  • creation and distribution of promotional articles on special trust websites

As during the first months the client did not conduct the payment regularly, unfortunately, the promotion plan shifted a bit. There also wasn’t enough money to create optimized text for product cards

After the analysis of competitors links and semantics, we developed a unique strategy to work with backlinks for the first three months. Then we modified the strategy to raise the search queries, which were more often shown in the search results, but their ranking was not sufficient.


Monthly work

The set of promotion tasks performed every month included:

  • monitoring of critical alerts from Google Webmasters;
  • fixing problems and monitoring the content of the online store;
  • estimation of the indexing status of pages;
  • analysis of search bots scanning dynamics;
  • monitoring security settings;
  • sending main Google Analytics reports;
  • selective analysis of text uniqueness;
  • analysis of errors made by bots during scanning;
  • analysis of CTR indicator for priority pages and the site in general;
  • buying links from third-party sites.

Results of the 9-month work

ROI results

ROI on SEO channel:

  • Margin: 18%
  • Gross profit: 646,980 UAH * 0.18 = 116,456 UAH
  • Promotion cost: 5,650 UAH/month (33,900 UAH per half a year)
  • ROI = (116 456 — 33 900) / 33 900 * 100 = 244%
  • Costs :
  • 33900UAH
  • Profit :
  • 116456UAH

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