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This case is about the launch of a women clothes online store, which during the 8 months of our cooperation achieved $10,000 revenue and fully returned its investment in SEO.

We started the project in February of 2015. The newly created online store was placed on the main domain and after that, we completed an SEO audit, corrected the found flaws, and generated effective robots.txt to simplify crawling and indexing.

Project Overview


Women clothes



Main goal:

Comprehensive development of the online store

Additional information:

The project lasted for 8 months



Total budget:

37,120 UAH



For the successful launch of any online store, it is necessary to prepare it technically during the first month of the project, namely, fix all technical flaws. Otherwise, you can put at threat its development. Hence, at the initial stage of our work we, as always, did an SEO audit and corrected the found shortcomings.

Generally, this task didn’t take us a lot of time, so 17 days after the start of the project the website was submitted for inclusion in Google’s index.


As to the first stage, we planned to complete basic optimization and return the client’s investment in SEO, in other words, bring the online store to profit.

During our cooperation we:

  • did a full SEO audit of the site;
  • corrected errors to meet the rules and recommendations of search engines;
  • did keywords research;
  • optimized category and subcategory pages;
  • published articles on third-party resources;
  • increased external link mass;
  • did some additional work and managed the development of the project.
  • other additional work.

We also completed monthly tasks to monitor and control the state of the website.

3.What we did

We started with a usual SEO audit and a one-time setup, as these are the standard procedures. SEO audit helps us to find the flaws of a CMS and the whole website to correct them. Taking into account that the discussed website was absolutely new and there was no domain history or external link mass, we focused on technical issues, analyzed competitors, and developed a working strategy.

During the one-time setup, we connected and configured all the services necessary for work:GA, Search Console, SERP parsing, internal company software, etc.

We also registered the resource on Google Maps as this service has proven to have quite a positive effect on local ranking.

Generally, that’s all we needed to launch a new project.

By the end of the first month, all main pages of the website were included in Google’s index.

By the way, the website was pretty small, so without the technical pages, around 700 pages appeared in the index.

After all the necessary pages were indexed, we moved to the active stage of promotion. We completed a deep analysis of LSI keywords for every landing page and later optimized them.

Our working strategy was developed to cover all priority pages in 6 months. The first month was dedicated to the preparatory technical works, the following 6 months we worked on optimization and links while during the last month we monitored the results of the previously done optimization and placed the last links.

In general, 8 months of work.

After we excluded all unnecessary keyphrases from the keywords research, it had around 2,000 words and was divided between 24 pages of the website (mainly the pages of categories/subcategories and some filters).

Already during the first three months, the dynamics of organic traffic growth was quite promising:

During the following two months the number of visitors slightly decreased due to the vacation season, yet in August it doubled (compared to the summer months).

As to links, we counted on the most effective links, namely from the mass media. So we: Wrote a thematic article -> made an arrangement with the mass media -> placed the article.

Hence, we got perfect links with no risk. Actually, you need a relatively low number of such links to see the result.

During the first 8 months of our cooperation, in total, we placed around 40 backlinks to the website:

This was enough to improve the ranking and traffic. Consequently, the sales also increased.

The 8th month revenue was over $10,000 (255,765 UAH)

while the overall cost of the project was only 37,120 UAH.

The margin of clothes online stores is pretty high, so the net income noticeably exceeded the investment.


ROI on SEO channel:

  • Margin: 40%
  • Gross profit: 255,765 * 0.40 = 102,306 UAH
  • ROI = (102,306 — 37,120) / 37,120 * 100 = 175.6%

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