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Promotion of a Furniture Online Store


Business owners don’t always have an opportunity to invest enough money to ensure the fast and productive start of their companies, especially during the times of crisis. Let’s see how to achieve positive results with minimal budget.

Project Overview





Main goal:

Get positive ROI with total budget of 20 000 UAH during 10 months

Additional information:

The client lacked funds to use an optimal promotion scheme, which could give positive results in 6 months



Overall budget:

20 000 UAH for 10 months

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

At the beginning of our cooperation, we put great efforts to form a working strategy for the project with a very limited budget. We had only 20,000 UAH for 10 months and this created great difficulties as the market competition was pretty high. In addition, taking into account that the online store sold quite expensive furniture and home decor, it competed with such giants as Rozetka, OLX, and Aukro. Also, it is worth to note that the store had to be promoted on the whole territory of Ukraine.

The low budget forced us to refuse from the productive method of work, which could help to reach positive ROI after 6 months of cooperation while during the 7th month ROI could already be 150-200%.

All analysis showed that 10 months was the shortest period to return the investment.


The main goal of the project was to ensure sufficient sales to return investments and bring the company to profit. It was necessary to perform a set of activities:

  • full SEO-audit;
  • error correction based on the audit results;
  • keywords research;
  • optimization of categories and subcategories pages;
  • publication of articles on third-party resources;
  • increase of external link mass;
  • improvement of website credibility.

Also we completed monthly monitoring and control tasks:

  • analysis of Yandeх and Google (Search Console) webmasters data;
  • analysis of Google Analytics data;
  • estimation of the indexing status of pages;
  • analysis of search bots scanning dynamics;
  • security settings monitoring;
  • control over duplicate and non-indexed elements;
  • analysis and correction of errors made by bots during website scanning.

3.What we did

During the first month, we made an SEO audit of the site (this stage is crucial for the future success of any project). We corrected all shortcomings, even the tiniest, and after that opened the site for indexing.

Taking into account the limited budget, we decided to use the major part of the funds to optimize the most trafficked website categories and increase the overall volume of content. While expanding the content of the website we started to promote it in search engines.

Articles with the information about new furniture store opening were placed on popular and visited resources. For sure, they also included the necessary backlinks.

The client was actively adding goods to the website and creating fairly good text for product cards, which also helped us to get visitors who searched names of products as these pages were quickly included into the main Google index.

Active and regular work on content helped to improve the status of the website in search engines. Google bots were almost “living” on the website and all new pages were quickly included into the main index. In 3 months we already had 1,830 google indexed pages (out of 2,000 total) taking into account that during the first month the website was not indexed because of the audit technical works.

Yandex also quite actively reacted to our changes, yet it was less active than Google.

Regular continuous update of content is one of the most important factors of website success in search engines.

That’s what helped us to almost reach a positive ROI. But not everything was so easy: we faced the competition that was impossible to overcome only with a help of good Google ranking.

During the first two months, we did not focus on backlinks building. This helped us to save some money to use them later after we optimize the content and get first top positions for low-frequency queries.

It also allowed us to see the overall situation with search requests with 10-20 position and easily improve their ranking to top 10 with the help of links. Hence, we used the linking budget more effectively.

Another important step taken was the creation of product reviews.This way we made the website more credible and increased the conversion rate.

Finally, when search systems reindexed all the necessary pages and links we got 142,564 UAH of income having spent only 20,000 UAH.

Results of the 10-month work

Results ROI

ROI on SEO channel:

  • Margin: 20%
  • Gross profit: 142,564 UAH * 0.20 = 28,512 UAH
  • ROI = (28,512 – 20,000) / 20,000 * 100 = 42.56%

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