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Promotion of a Brand Clothes Online Store


A brand clothes online store that we had been promoting for 2 years reached great ranking and traffic. So, what’s the next? How to further increase traffic and sales when all key categories are already optimized and nearly all keywords take top places in search results?

Here is the list of actions we took to expand the project and increase the number of visitors by 60,19% and the number of conversions by 86,86%. In the data the current 6-month period is compared with the similar period of the previous year.

Project Overview


Brand clothes.



Main goal:

Increase traffic and sales by minimum 50% in 6 months compared with the similar period of the previous year.

Additional information:

The project was in stagnation so we needed to find a solution to increase goods turnover in the online store as well as the number of transactions and organic traffic.


SEO, Google Adwords (PPC)

Overall budget:

36 000 UAH/6 months

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

On the first stage, we did a detailed analysis of the online store, its optimization and currently achieved results. This is a necessary activity when promotion lasts for several consecutive years. Repeated and comprehensive audits help to take a fresh look at the project.

Results of the check showed that all categories of goods in the online store were optimized. We also found out that there was no need to correct or reoptimize the existing pages.

To learn why the store was losing its potential customers we reviewed the overall semantics of the project and studied in detail requests and groups of requests in Google Webmasters.

This way we found low-frequency words from already optimized categories, which have good potential but are not in the top listing. To solve the problem we reviewed the existing backlinks and worked to increase the number of inbound links to the selected pages. These actions showed positive results, but they were not enough for further project development.

The key to progress in traffic and conversion was the creation of individual pages for requests with names of categories or brands and website translation into Ukrainian.

The pages “category + brand” allowed us to increase the number of pages and optimize them. Gradually such content strategy started to give positive results.

The second language increased the number of pages in the main index (pages in search results). This gave only a slight increase in traffic yet thanks to the overall growth of the website, if to compare it with competitors’ volume, our work ensured certain growth dynamics. As the result, the traffic created by low-frequency queries started to grow for the whole website.

Our actions:

We agreed upon a project development plan that included:

  1. Additional work to create static pages for filters “category + brand”.
  2. Optimization of static filters.
  3. Increase in backlinks with a focus on low-frequency queries.

These are three main fields we should have worked on. To improve the visibility of all products we also developed a plan on product cards optimization and writing reviews for products. This had to increase their uniqueness and raise them to the main index.


The main objective was to increase traffic and conversion, therefore we needed to perform the following monthly tasks:

  • increase the number of static filters;
  • adjust meta tags of static filters;
  • form relevant h1 for each static filter;
  • monitor critical alerts from Yandex/Google Webmasters;
  • fix problems and monitor online store content;
  • estimate the indexing status of pages;
  • analyze dynamics of search bots scanning;
  • do a selective analysis of text uniqueness;
  • analyze errors made by bots during scanning.

3.Implemented processes and actions

During the first month, we did some extra work to develop functionality for static filters creation.

For the following 5 months, we focused on optimization and created optimized texts for static filters.

Every month we wrote about 15,000 characters or in others words 8 filters/month. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords were chosen for every filter.

We also optimized product cards, which brought additional organic visitors to specific products pages. And the creation of positive reviews helped to grow conversion for these products (due to unstable Ukrainian hryvnia exchange rate we based our results on the number of transactions, but not a store revenue in UAH).

As the result of all the work done, our specialists exceeded initial goals and increased the number of organic visitors by 60% (10% more than expected).

Results of the 6-month work:

ROI on SEO channel:

  • Margin: 20%
  • Gross profit: 737,000 UAH * 0.20 = 147,400 UAH
  • ROI = (147,400 – 36,000) / 36,000 * 100 = 309.4%

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