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Promotion of an Online Store of Sport and Tourism Goods

Promotion of an Online Store of Sport and Tourism Goods ROI – 122, 88%

It was a pretty big online store with a huge selection of goods for different kinds of sport as well as for tourism and rest. Later a section “Products for home” was added. However, we mainly focused on one section of the store, “Bicycles”. We also worked on other sections and categories, yet bicycles were chosen as a priority product that ultimately was giving a substantial part of the store income.

Project Overview


Products for tourism and sport



Main goal:

Promote the online store with the help of SEO

Additional information:

The “Bicycles” category was our priority, so the promotion was mainly directed at the development of this section of the website. All other categories were additional.



Overall budget:

32,000 UAH

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

As usual, on the initial stage of the project, we completed an SEO-audit and agreed upon the direction of our work and our priorities. Based on the audit results, the technical works were done to correct all found shortcomings and after that, the site was opened for indexing. We also defined our working strategy: at first, we optimized the main sections of the website, and then focused only on one of them, namely “Bicycles”.

As the result of our work on this category, it got the major part of traffic and the number of visitors increased from 60 to over 200 per day. In addition, now bicycles and different kinds of accessories are the most profitable products of the store.

At the beginning of the online store promotion, we developed a content plan. It defined how to write and use the necessary content, including SEO text for categories, filters, and product cards.


The main task was to develop the store and make the “Bicycles” section as successful as possible.

To achieve our goals we had to:

  • do a full SEO-audit of the site;
  • correct errors based on the audit results;
  • agree upon priorities;
  • analyze competitors;
  • form a promotion strategy;
  • do keywords research;
  • optimize categories, subcategories, and filters;
  • publish articles on third-party resources;
  • increase external link mass;
  • improve website credibility.

Also, we completed monthly monitoring and control tasks:

  • analysis of Yandeх and Google (Search Console) webmasters data;
  • analysis of Google Analytics data;
  • control over duplicate and non-indexed elements;
  • estimation of the indexing status of pages;
  • analysis of search bots scanning dynamics;
  • security settings monitoring;
  • analysis and correction of errors made by bots during website scanning.

3.What we did

SEO-audit is a basic activity that is crucial for the future success of the project, so that’s where we started from. Based on the audit results we created a list of technical shortcomings and asked our programmers to eliminate them. Our specialists analyzed external factors (competitors and peculiarities of this market segment) to create a strategy for the following 6 months.

As it was mentioned above, the store is quite big and it has several hundreds of product categories. However, at the client’s request, we worked only with the main ones. So we did the analysis and defined the categories that should have been optimized to cover a maximum number of search queries and use the client’s budget in the most effective way. This service is called “content plan”.

The optimization of the main categories lasted for three months. During the first month, we did various analyses and audits, corrected all found flaws, and wrote SEO content. From the second month, we started to increase the number of external links and continued optimization of the main categories.

To popularize the website we published a few informational articles in the mass-media.

Starting from the 4th month, we focused only on one section of the site, once again as the customer’s request (we don’t recommend limiting the work to one website section, if you have more, as this way you lose a significant portion of the audience and significantly restrict the potential development of the project). As the customer insisted on such strategy, we decided to do as much as possible to develop the “Bicycles” section and ensure there were enough landing pages for optimization. We completed a latent semantic analysis and created a list of filters to be turned into static pages and later on optimized.

We also analyzed goods in this section and selected those that could increase the number of organic visitors and cover product keywords. Thus, our work was focused on optimization of filters and product cards.The backlink strategy was also adjusted to the client’s demands. In most cases, links led to the “Bicycles” section, the products of this section, or the main page. This allowed us to significantly increase the organic traffic and get 200 visitors per day.

The results were quite promising, yet taking into account that the store was new and not well recognized among the users, we offered our customer a crowd marketing service. This way we promptly attracted users’ attention and significantly increased website credibility with the help of positive feedbacks on forums and blogs. In addition, we wrote reviews of the priority goods to enhance the received results and earn more trust of the customers. This helped to improve the conversion rate, which resulted in 203,774 UAH revenue at the end of the 6th month of the cooperation.

Results of the 6-month work

ROI results

ROI on SEO channel:

  • Margin: 35%
  • Gross profit: 203,774 UAH * 0.35 = 71,320.9 UAH;
  • ROI = (71,320.9 – 32,000 ₴) / 32,000 ₴ * 100 = 122.88%.

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