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Promotion of a Brand Clothes Online Store(Email Marketing)

Professional Email Marketing – ROI 161.68%

Mailout campaigns as an Internet marketing tool already proved to be a great choice. But its effect is not always as good as we wish it was and sometimes does not cover the cost of implementation. To achieve positive results and prevent newsletters from ending in a spam folder, certain steps and rules should be followed.In this case we will show how a professional approach to the use of 4 mailouts can bring 45,000 UAH of income.

Project Overview


Brand clothes



Main goal:

Send mailouts with discount products and get the highest conversion rate

Additional information:

Discounts were given twice a year: 2 mailouts for each promotion



Overall budget:

3,500 UAH


1.First steps

We offered the mailout service to the online store that has been working with us for a long time, so we have previously implemented the system to collect clients’ email addresses. This allowed us to easily organize mailing lists.Hence, we immediately moved to the discussion of discount products and the details of the promotion. Then, having clarified the customer’s requirements, we began to create a template for mailout.We also developed a special strategy of sending emails to make the most of the promotion and increase sales.


The main task was to create an effective email newsletter that will turn the email receivers into online store buyers. Here what we had to do:

  • choose/ agree on the discount products;
  • agree on the conditions of the promotional offer;
  • create a mailout template;
  • write texts for the mailout;
  • implement the mailout strategy;
  • gradually send mailouts;
  • monitor users’ behavior;
  • analyze the received data.

3.What we did

As it was mentioned above, at first we agreed upon the conditions of the promotional offer, newsletter products, and other requirements of the customer and our team. Taking into account that we had already worked with the client it was easier to implement email marketing. Yet generally, on the initial stage it is necessary to collect emails, namely, implement the corresponding functionality (technical work) and after that, you should think over and create special hooks to get followers and their email addresses (database formation). You can learn more about this in our articles and now we will continue with the case.Hence, on the first stage, agreement upon the products and conditions, the client promptly informed us about the goods that can be on discount, so we had no problems with that. We also easily approved the details of the promotion. It was decided to create two promotional offers: spring-summer and autumn-winter.We also used two-stage email marketing strategy. Firstly, we sent promotional emails to all customers in our database and after some time we repeated the mailout of the same offer. As practice shows, too frequent use of customers’ emails for marketing sometimes can provoke a slightly negative reaction, therefore we decided to send only 2 mailouts for each promotional offer. The main emphasis was put on the first mailout while the second just reminded about the offer.

In email marketing, the very presentation of textual and graphical information plays a vital role. To attract a modern user and at least make them follow the link in the letter is a real challenge. So we created an appealing template and wrote the necessary textual information, which brought us quite numerous conversions from email addresses. Primitive mailout templates will just waste your money and time, as an email with unformatted text like “We have sales” and a low-quality picture, which may be distorted on different devices, will never lead to conversions.

The template should be catchy and adapted to different devices.

We set utm-tags for all links of the template, which allowed us to easily analyze the effectiveness of the mailout and later receive the data on sales volume achieved through this channel. After the end of the autumn-winter promotional offer, we analyzed the received information and summed up the project results: 45,793.60 UAH of income from email marketing and 161%+ ROI.


ROI results

ROI on email marketing:

  • Margin: 20%
  • Gross profit: 45,793.60 UAH * 0.20 = 9,158.72 UAH
  • ROI = (9,158.72 – 3,500.00) / 3,500.00 * 100 = 161.68%

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