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Promotion of an Online Store of Repair Parts for Tablets and Smartphones


The dynamics of traffic growth and a step-by-step description of all stages of repair parts website promotion, which resulted in 476% ROI (a financial ratio that illustrates profitability).

Project Overview


Repair parts for tablets and smartphones




Gradually increase sales, reach financial sustainability, and bring the online store to profit

Additional information:

The work was paused for one month as its cost wasn’t covered by the customer



Overall budget:

6,150 UAH/ month

Search Engine Optimization

1.First steps

Analysis and Audit

During the first month, we did a one-time setup of the online store and a competitive analysis. Based on their results, a clear strategy of website development was formed. During the following months, we optimized the most prioritized website categories and built external links adhering to the established strategy.


Monthly work

The set of monthly promotional activities included:

  • monitoring of critical alerts from Google Webmasters
  • fixing problems and monitoring the content of the online store
  • estimation of the indexing status of pages
  • analysis of search bots scanning dynamics
  • monitoring security settings
  • sending main Google Analytics reports
  • selective analysis of text uniqueness
  • analysis of errors made by bots during scanning

3.Implemented processes and actions

Content optimization and strategy development

Promotional activities were distributed among 8 categories optimized on a monthly basis (we did 8 keywords researches, wrote content, and fully optimized target pages based on main search queries).

Having analyzed the categories with priority optimization we made some corrections to their list. For the maximum possible effectiveness, we chose the categories that, according to our preliminary estimations, could give the best conversion rate. The customer approved this list of categories for search optimization and, as the result, the store greatly increased shopping cart sales already during the first months of the cooperation.

In addition to that, every month we bought external links and placed articles with links to the customer’s website. After the second month of the cooperation, we adjusted the strategy of link building as the competitors of our customer were surprisingly active.

Due to the correctly developed strategy of link building and the optimization of categories, the project reached over 100% ROI already during the third month of the cooperation.


The main indicators after 4 months:

ROI results

The main indicators after 4 months (without test purchases)

  • Margin: 55%
  • Gross profit: 257,602 UAH * 0.55 = 141,681.1 UAH
  • Total promotion cost: 24,600 UAH (4 months)
  • ROI = (141,681 – 24,600) / 24,600 UAH * 100 = 475.93%
  • Сosts:
  • 24600 UAH
  • Profit:
  • 141681 UAH

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